(Doujinshi) Reach Out for Everyone by Your Loving Mod.

For: their_white_day
Title: Reach Out
Pairing: Tezuka/Fuji
Scanner: petapepy
Translator: minkyleigh
Editor: reddwarfer
Cleaners: reddwarfer and evaporate
Note: Happy White Day to everyone watching and participating. Tomorrow, I will post a closing post and then, later on, I'll post the huge reveal. This is my thank you to you. Downloads will be up at nova_5 when I'm not dead.

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(FIC) A Good Death for Kish by Reddwarfer

For: kishmet
By: reddwarfer
Title: A Good Death
Pairing: Tezuka/Fuji
Rating: R
Summary: Fuji wants Tezuka to retire. Echizen doesn't know what he wants and Tezuka just wants things to go right.
Warnings: Assassin AU. Lame attempts at humour.
Disclaimer: I neither own nor profit from the Prince of Tennis. I hope Patrick Henry can forgive me one day.
A/N: I want to thank W and H and L for everything and more. This wouldn't have happened without your support. Kish, I hope you enjoy. I did try to include everything you wanted.

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(FIC) Small World for The Community by Misterwalnut

For: their_white_day
By: misterwalnut
Title: Small World
Pairing: Power Trio (Tezuka/Fuji/Echizen)
Rating: R (PG-13 for most parts)
Summary: Fuji is attending the same university as Echizen, and Tezuka realizes it's a small world after all. Post-Seigaku.
Warnings: A dreadful mix of humour, mild angst, unrequited sexual tension, and minor OCs.
Disclaimer: It really isn’t mine.
A/N: All the emails are between Fuji (Syuusuke) and Yuuta, and the fic is mostly written in Tezuka’s Perspective, although POV changes are more frequent near the end.

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(FIC) Windfall for Nozomi-chan by Evaporate

For: nozomi_chan
By: evaporate
Title: Windfall
Pairing: Tezuka/Fuji
Rating: PG
Summary: (post-series) Even the wheel of fortune can spin a bankruptcy.
Disclaimer: Standard fare: not mine, don't sue.
A/N: Firstly: with love and thanks to my beta, reddwarfer, and my main source of inspiration, C. Secondly: Happy White Day, nozomi_chan! I hope you like :)

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(FIC) The Final Shot for Emothy by Nozomi Chan

For: emothy/fsop
By: nozomi_chan
Title: The Final Shot
Pairing: Tezuka/Fuji
Rating: PG, for just a tiny bit of language.
Summary: Fuji tries to help Tezuka through a tough time, only to find himself getting shut out.
Warnings: I'm mean to Tezuka. x_x; Don't worry, I didn't kill him or anything.
Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis is not mine. I only wish it was.
A/N: This was actually my second try, and it was written in three (non-consecutive) days. My first attempt, I slaved over, and only got about half as far before giving up. ^^;; And thanks to A for beta-ing ^_^

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Red: Space Adventurer

A Quick Note.

Hello! And Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

I just want to say that we are very close to the end of this fest. There's seven, I believe, gifts left to post.

Today, I'll be taking off to celebrate the annual return of the Easter Bunny and the chocolate bunny ears which I'll be stealing from my daughter.

More fun to be had tomorrow!

Thank you for all your support of me, the community and the many wonderful authors and artists that have worked so hard. Please take this opportunity to catch up, review, and thank those that have put all this effort into making this exchange a success.

Best Wishes,


(FIC) Flying, Falling, Landing for Groundwave by Richest Grave

For: groundwave
By: richestgrave
Title: Flying, Falling, Landing
Pairing: Tezuka and Fuji
Rating: G
"So he's inspired you?" Yumiko asked.
Fuji shook his head. "No," he said. "Not yet."

Warnings: Anime and manga series spoilers leading to Nationals.
Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis is created by Takeshi Konomi, licensed in North America by VIZ Media, and I am in no way associated with them.
A/N: Manga storyline. 3,880 words. Huge thanks to the marvelous people who looked this over and gave me advice, you know who you are.

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