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(FIC) His White Day for Eliza Natsuko by Your Secret Admirer

For: eliza_natsuko
By: nana_chibi
Title: “His White Day”
Pairing: Tezuka/Fuji
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Tezuka’s curiosity about a certain gift in Fuji’s bag results in a very interesting chain reaction.
Disclaimer: I do not own PoT

It had all started on that day when Tezuka spotted Fuji emerging from the gift shop, carrying a golden present box in his hand.

It was a normal evening. Tezuka and Oishi had stayed a bit late after practice to finish up the student council’s paperwork. Momoshiro and Echizen were heading to their favourite fast food restaurant, Kaido and Inui had gone to practice their new training menu for the upcoming Nationals, and Kikumaru and Fuji went home together.

However, Tezuka had thought the tensai indeed looked suspiciously nervous that evening.

This is strange… As far as Tezuka knew, Fuji certainly had a lot of friends, but very few were close enough to be privileged to receive Fuji’s special treatment. This included his younger brother, Yuuta, who was constantly showered with Fuji’s overly affectionate brotherly love, and his ‘not normal way’ of expressing his fondness toward his teammates.

His eyes twitched again. It was just the beginning of March, and the only upcoming birthday of the regular members was Oishi’s, which would be in April, therefore it must be something else.

And then another idea snapped into his brain.

White. Day.


Tezuka was very irritated.

He was getting more and more annoyed. He couldn’t stop thinking about Fuji and that golden gift box since that evening and, as a result, he could not finish studying his homework on time. Tezuka did not like anything that interfered with his well-planned schedule.

At any rate, he had to prevent Fuji from any distraction. Knowing how Fuji loved his younger brother more than anything in the world, he wouldn’t be surprised if Fuji would do the same for his lover, and that, perhaps, also meant throwing away tennis practice. And if that resulted in Seigaku’s loss, it would mean he would have to break his promise to Yamato-buchou in regards to winning the Nationals. Tezuka couldn’t risk it.

He just needed to make sure that no one would sneak in and steal his Fuji away.

Wait a minute; did he just use the words His Fuji?!

This is getting more and more insane… I have to do something now... He closed his biology textbook, placing it neatly aside. He then opened a notebook, flipped through to a brand new page, grabbed the pencil, hesitating a bit before starting to jot down in his neat handwriting:

List of Suspects.


14 Days Before White Day

Before the end of the week, they had a practice match with Fudomine.

Tezuka’s vein popped when he spotted a certain player outside the court giggling and chitchatting with Tachibana Kippei, Fudomine’s buchou.

He’s getting careless again… Their next match was coming up and there was Fuji, slacking off practice. Plus, who knew if he might slip any of their team’s strategies to Tachibana.

…See? This is the reason why I have to interfere…

He decided to disrupt the conversation, sending his extra high voltage glare to both of them, Tachibana in particular. He ordered Fuji to run another ten laps and instructed him to meet him later in Court A to practice their serve.

“But according to the schedule, Fuji and I—” Tachibana started.

“Echizen is now scheduled as your practice partner,” Tezuka informed Tachibana. He explained how the roster was changed last night and instead of Tachibana practicing with Fuji, he was now paired with Echizen.

He pretended not to see Tachibana’s questioning glare as he was leaving. Tezuka looked around and made sure Fuji was still running his laps, and then sat down on the bench near Court A.

“Tezuka-buchou, you look irritated today.” A familiar voice greeted him.

“Tachibana An,” Tezuka said, nodding.

“How’s your arm?”

“It’s healing, thanks for asking.”

The girl sighed. “Good for you. Onii-chan’s ankle is still not getting better.”

It was obvious that Tachibana was still limping as he ran, and also their match was getting close, too.

“The rehabilitation course in Kyuushuu that I had attended was very good…”

“You’re so lucky.”

“If you want,” Tezuka offered, he was a real gentleman after all, and a gentleman would help others when they were in trouble. Wouldn’t they? “I can refer your brother to that place. I still keep in touch with the doctors and the physiotherapists there…”

“You would!?” An seemed to be very happy. “I am so worried that he won’t make it to the Nationals.”

“The rehabilitation course takes about three to four weeks. If you take him there this weekend, Tachibana should be better before the start of the first match.”

He wrote the phone number and details down for Tachibana An and promised her that he would definitely call to make an admission appointment for Tachibana in the evening. He nodded again when she gratefully thanked him, and got up when saw Fuji approaching.

The following Monday, a rumor was circulating that Tachibana Kippei was sent to Kyuushuu and would stay there until the beginning of April for his rehabilitation. Tezuka simply nodded at the news, ignoring Inui’s smirk, and Fuji’s accusing glare, and ordered the regulars to get ready for practice.

One Suspect Down.


10 Days Before White Day

The rest of the week went well, mostly. Fuji had mentioned nothing about Tachibana since, and Tezuka was going to let his guard down a little bit, until he spotted Kikumaru clinging on Fuji in the hallway.

He then suggested to Oishi that from now on they should meet and have lunch together with Fuji and Kikumaru. The Golden Pair still needed to work on their new formation and he and Fuji would help them out.

Oishi happily agreed, then dragging Inui along to join the gang.

“You know, this is very inconvenient,” Fuji said, frowning while scanning for an available spot in the crowded cafeteria. “It’s much easier for Eiji and me to find a seat for two rather than five of us here. Why can’t this wait until this evening?”

“Because he says so…” Inui smirked while nodding his head toward Tezuka, hand still scribbling something down in his green notebook with his ultra-speed. Tezuka glared back; Inui’s smile usually meant he got some good data, and someone would suffer from his blackmail for the rest of their life. However, he did not have time to think about that right now.

“Can I have lunch set A?”

“How about trying set C today? I would give you some extra piece of tempura if you wish…”

Tezuka sent another fatal glare toward the cafeteria manager, who seemed to take too much time flirting and talking to Fuji, which meant ‘Just give him what he wants and move on. NOW!!" The poor man quickly responded by almost throwing lunch set A into Fuji’s tray.

I’ll deal with Inui later. Right now, I have to keep Fuji from distractions.


5 Days Before White Day

By the end of that week, Fuji found no one would dare to come closer to him than five meters.

At the same time, there were also some rumours about Tezuka. Whether he had been rejected by some girls, his shoulder had gotten worse, or his marks had dropped a little from the last exams. It was obvious that the buchou was very grumpy and ready to fire off the order to run laps to his beloved teammates, and to whomever was daring enough to get in his way. Even the fangirls were not allowed to go near the tennis court anymore or else they would be ordered to run laps around the school by the president of student council himself.

However, Tezuka was quite satisfied with his progress. So far, he managed to keep Fuji in his sight and neatly got rid some of the suspects. He even made sure to keep things in check and had ordered Echizen to help out with the girl’s tennis club. That way, Ryuzaki Sakuno and Osakada Tomoka wouldn’t hang around at the boy’s club.

He happened to know that Fuji had received some chocolates from those girls, and he couldn’t risk it.

Inui observed things from the afar, scribbling all details in his notebook with the flash of an evil grin…

Oh yeah…This is getting more and more interesting...


1 Day Before White Day

Tezuka sighed while buttoning his shirt. Their afternoon practice was good. Momoshiro and Kayo were doing much better, even though they still fought with each other during the match. The Golden Pair was in their top form, too. Echizen’s style was also getting more stable and Fuji….

Wait a minute. Where is Fuji???

Just near the window, there was some distant sound, like someone whispering something. Tezuka carefully crept closer, and closer…

“…Yes, meet me tomorrow afternoon, at the tennis club… I have something for you.”

If Tezuka could shoot laser beams from his glare, Fuji, and his mobile phone, would have turned into ash just right beside the window. Hell, he thought, he had been very careful about this, yet Fuji was still able to give him the slip. But then again, Fuji was not called tensai for nothing.

Good, Fuji… The fight is on now…


White Day

Tezuka appeared in front of Fuji’s home in the morning. He informed the tensai that they would walk to school together, as he wanted to discuss the new training menu with him.

Fuji, who still looked half asleep and half confused, nodded and dragged his bag along, following his captain obediently.

“Isn’t this training menu too heavy, Tezuka?” Fuji stared at his buchou after he read the training program.

“The other teams are also working hard.”

“You seem to be moody lately,” Fuji observed to his companion, and asked,” Something wrong?”

Tezuka replied, “It’s nothing.”

“Eiji said it might because of teenage hormones, although we kinda doubt that you’re still considered to be a teenager…”

Tezuka politely thanked Fuji for his concern, and made a mental note to order Kikumaru to run laps for an eternity.

“But Inui said that your symptoms are more like Andropause, and that could happen with someone who had chronic pain,” Fuji said, and patted Tezuka’s shoulder, whose eyes started twitching violently. “But it could be treated with testosterone replacement, isn’t that great, Tezuka?”

Tezuka, once again, firmly assured Fuji that it was not the case, making a permanent mental note to ban Inui from a regular spot forever.

“Or maybe it’s White Day today, and you’re up to something…” Tezuka jerked, while Fuji smiled evilly. “Say buchou, are you going to give a White Day present to someone?”


“…Is that so?” Fuji seemed to be a bit disappointed, but was quickly back to normal. “Let’s go. We are going to be late.”

On the way to their classroom, lots of girls were looking at them and appeared like they wanted to say something, but all of them were silent once they spotted Tezuka’s killer glare.

Which could only mean—come near him and you will die…


Luckily enough, their classes shared the same subject that morning, therefore Tezuka could keep Fuji in check, and made sure nothing suspicious occurred. However, he knew this was just the beginning, especially considering that golden box still sat happily in Fuji’s bag.

Right on cue, just before the afternoon practice started, Saeki Kojirou appeared at the tennis club and was asking for Fuji Syusuke.

Even though Tezuka was not very fond of this Rokkaku player, but considering he was a buchou, he had to behave appropriately. As Fuji’s childhood friend, Saeki needed to be treated specially. Tezuka quietly ordered the rest of the team to start their warm up menu. He briefly informed Saeki that Fuji was still changing in the clubhouse, which was the building on the right side of the tennis court. He permitted Saeki to meet with Fuji before his practice, although in order to not interfere with their practice time, he was allowed to see him for five minutes only.

Saeki politely thanked him, and bowed again. Tezuka nodded back. So far he had been a good host and showed his courtesy toward his guest as he should…

The only thing he did not inform Saeki was that the boy’s clubhouse was in the second building on the right, not the first one.

Another suspect down.


“Saeki is gone, and the girls' tennis club were dismissed early today due to an incident at girls' changing room,” Inui said as he smirked. “Satisfied now, Tezuka?”

Tezuka sent his death glare to Inui before calling the others to gather and discuss about their upcoming match.

“For D2,” Coach Ryuzaki said as she tapped her chin, “I will choose Fuji – Kawamura pair…”

Tezuka was about to nod, until he turned and spotted Fuji giggling with Kawamura.

“I think Fuji should play single.”

“But Tezuka, what about D2?”

“I will play D2…” Tezuka looked around and spotted his prey, “with Inui…”

“But I don’t want to pair with him!” Inui protested, “Kaido and I have been practicing together…”

“Buchou’s order is final.” Tezuka’s face expression was getting darker. “Any problem, Inui?”



Tezuka turned his sharp glare back to their coach, who gulped and quickly nodded. “I...I’m ok with that too…”

“Good…now we will begin the new practice menu, Golden Pair—you two to court C, Echizen and Kaido to court B, and Fuji—you…” Tezuka paused when saw Kikumaru and Fuji engaged into a serious discussion about how male hormone deficiency could affect mood swings.

“Kikumaru, Fuji—Ten laps each, now!”

“See?” Kikumaru stomped out from the court, followed by Fuji.

“There’s testosterone gel available…” Inui chirped.

“You—Thirty laps,” Tezuka snapped, “And NO TALKING DURING RUNNING EITHER!!!”

“Um…buchou, can we start now?” Echizen poked him with his racket. Tezuka nodded, quickly pulled his sanity back together, started supervising the practice and, at the same time, kept his eyes on Fuji.

He managed to send Fuji out for another ten laps, this time with Echizen as he caught them chatting during the break of their match. He then ordered another round of laps with Momoshiro and Kikumaru again.

At this point Fuji looked annoyed, but he still obediently followed Tezuka’s orders. But one could tell by looking at his face, that once his patience wore out, Tezuka’s fate might turn the same way as Mizuki Hajime of St.Rudolph.

This is ridiculous… If things still continue like this, one of us is going to have a mental breakdown… The bespectacled boy placed his water bottle down. They were in the middle of the break, and Fuji was gone again.

I must speak to him…

He walked around and found Fuji, together with Kikumaru and Echizen, at the water fountain near the tennis court.


Kikumaru jerked and nearly started to run.

“Where are you going, Kikumaru-senpai?”

“R…Run my laps.”

“I haven’t ordered anything…” Tezuka frowned. “Five laps each, Kikumaru, Echizen, now!”

“Told you so!" Kikumaru huffed and started off.

“Now Fuji, we must talk…” Tezuka blinked, Fuji had already run off, in the opposite direction of the other two…

Oh, he IS running away…

“Fuji! Stop! I order you!”

“No way!” The honey-haired boy yelled back.

I didn’t know he could run this fast… Tezuka cursed himself for ordering too many laps for the tensai lately. It was obvious his speed had improved recently, thanks to his own punishment regime. However, he thanked god for giving him longer legs, as Tezuka was finally able to catch up to Fuji, and somehow managed to grab his shoulder, thus resulting in both of them stumbling down to the ground.

“What’s wrong with you!?” Obviously the tensai was furious. “Do you have any idea how many laps I have been running since this afternoon?”

“You were distracted…”

“By what?”

Oh… now you are talking… “Fuji, the Nationals are coming; we can’t afford to lose our concentration to something else…”

“Like what?!”

“Personal issues…” Tezuka suddenly wanted to order himself a lap for being careless and letting Fuji lead the conversation to this point. Dammit… “Especially your love life...”

“…MY WHAT?!” Fuji almost screeched.

“Do you think I don’t know about that present in your bag? You’ve been acting so strange lately. Always spending time on the phone, and that guy came over during the practice time…”

“You went through my bag?!” Now Fuji’s eyes snapped open.

“And then Tachibana…”

“They. Are. My. Friends!”

“Why did Saeki have to come over here for?”

“He was asking me to pass something to Yuuta!”

“And then you were chatting with Echizen all the time…”

“Tezuka…” Fuji threw his arms in the air, “Echizen is twelve! He is even younger than my own brother…”

Tezuka glared.

“Fine!” Fuji screeched, “He is not as cute as Yuuta, satisfied now?!”

“That gift…”

“It’s for Yuuta!”

I should have known that he still has a brother complex … Tezuka sent his disapproved glare towards the honey-haired boy.

Fuji quickly protested. “It’s not what you think. This is Yuuta’s birthday present.”

“Oh?” Tezuka blinked.

“You see, Yuuta’s birthday was actually a week before mine. But before that, we had a fight and he refused to come home that week. It wasn’t until last week that we finally spoke to each other. He is coming home today with me after practice.”

“So it’s not for your lover?”

“What are you talking about?” Fuji frowned. “How could I date someone else when I’m already…” He paused, then smiled evilly. “I get it now…”

“What?” Tezuka spontaneously moved backward, sensing some danger approaching.

“You’re jealous.”

“I am not!”

“But you are fussing over those things, and you went through my personal stuff – this is unusual for you, buchou…” Fuji smiled sadistically while slowly cornering the bespectacled boy, which was a little bit too close for Tezuka’s comfort “…really want to know who is going to get my white day present?”

Tezuka gulped and, simultaneously, he nodded.

The next thing he knew, those soft, alluring lips of Fuji were gently placed on his. The tensai’s lips were chasing and teasing as his usual manner. The warmth of their proximity made him feel dizzy, and before he could gather his sanity together, Tezuka found he had already pulled the smaller boy closer, arms draped around the lithe body, and brought him to a deep, passionate kiss.

He could taste Fuji’s sweetness. He could feel Fuji kissing him back; arms clung around his neck while the warm body desperately pressed close to his. The tensai’s kiss was gentle, light and teasing and that just made Tezuka hungry for more and more.

In the background, he could hear Kikumaru’s yelp and a soft thud sound (which perhaps was from Oishi or Kaido fainting. They shouldn’t have spied on their buchou anyway…), but Tezuka didn’t care. All he needed, and wanted, was to make the world know that Fuji belonged to him, him and him alone.

They finally pulled apart, gasping for air. Fuji languidly leaned on his shoulder, and purred, “Silly…next time if you want to know something, all you have to do is just ask…”

“Shut up.” Tezuka smirked before pulling the smaller boy closer and leaned down to capture those ever so sweet lips once again.

There was another yelp and thud outside.

“Oh, that’s must be Yuuta,” Fuji mumbled and continued kissing Tezuka.

It was true that the Nationals were just around the corner, and they shouldn’t get careless, however once in a while, Tezuka didn’t mind slacking off a bit, especially if the consequences could be this sweet.

Although he might have to deal with Inui’s blackmail, the team’s raburabu gossip, and some revenge from the rival teams later… he would be just fine. He was not a captain for nothing, wasn’t he?

Anyway…Happy White Day…Tezuka-buchou!!
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