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(FIC) Hot Water for Ruji by Your Secret Admirer

For: ruji
By: darth_claire
Title: Hot Water
Pairing: Fuji/Tez
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Fuji corners Tezuka in the locker room showers.
Warnings: Voyeurism, masturbation, sex, slight spoilers for after the Hyotei match and the Senbatsu arc.
Disclaimer: I do not own PoT.
A/N: The title was suggested by my lovely beta reader, lady_of_water who owns my first-born child for ripping this to shreds, unless I can guess her name in three tries. Um, Rumpelstilzchen?


Tezuka Kunimitsu rubbed his neck as he entered the shower room after practice. With the nationals coming up, he had worked the team much harder than usual and he was looking forward the relaxing heat of a shower to wash away the sweat, dirt and fatigue. He turned on the water, removed his glasses, and set them to the side. Stepping under the hot spray, he sighed contentedly as the drops of water tickled his scalp before finally sinking into his sweat crusted hair. He allowed the wet heat to wash over his body and sink into his tired muscles as he reflected on the practice. The threat of Inui's latest drink had been a good motivator, but he was concerned that his teammates would overwork themselves to avoid drinking it. The lone exception was a certain tensai who had held his attention for most of the afternoon.

He and Fuji had been involved since his return to Japan. The tensai had confessed his feelings shortly before Tezuka's departure, and they had consummated their relationship upon his arrival at the Senbatsu camp. Tezuka was not sure exactly what he would call their involvement--they weren't really dating, but there was more to the relationship than sex. They were making a slow and awkward transition from being friends and teammates to being lovers. Tezuka had always been attracted--sometimes against his better judgment--to Fuji, both for his amazing tennis ability and his lithe body. He would have been satisfied to spend the rest of his life watching Fuji play tennis; he found the way the graceful tensai hit the Higuma Otoshi almost as erotic as the way Fuji's graceful tongue wrapped around his cock, but he wasn't about to turn down Fuji's sexual advances either.

Tezuka breathed softly, feeling his dick harden as these two images of Fuji battled for dominance in his mind. His hand began to slide down the hard muscles of his stomach until he reached his erection. He paused to look around and confirm that he was by himself--without his glasses, he had difficulty telling his teammates from his own shadow, nevertheless, the room appeared empty. He wrapped his hand firmly around his cock. Everyone would have already left for the day and, with no one around, there was no harm in indulging himself for a few minutes. Slowly, he pumped his stiff cock, trying to copy the tensai's gentle movements as he pictured that secretive smile on Fuji's soft face. Rubbing his thumb over the tender head of his cock, he thought of the look in Fuji's eyes when they were alone together. The tensai's name escaped his lips in a soft groan as he stroked himself harder.

"Did you want something?" that familiar voice asked, echoing through the shower room. "Or were you just thinking of me?"

Tezuka's hands flew away from his dick as a shape he had taken for a trick of the light moved towards him. How long had Fuji been standing there? He began to turn away, but Fuji's smooth voice stopped him.

"No need to do that, I've seen it," the tensai chuckled.

Tezuka glared in the direction of the tensai's voice. "Were you spying on me?" he asked, calm as usual.

"You're the one masturbating in a public shower," Fuji said with a laugh. “I was just enjoying the show. You should keep going, unless you want more of an audience."

Tezuka's glower faded into uncertainty. "What?"

"I'm not the only one still here." Fuji's lips curled into a sadistic smile. "And if you don't want anyone to come in and catch you, you'd better put your hand back where it was."

Tezuka crossed his arms and gave the flesh-colored blur a hard glare that said he would be running laps for this later. This was one of the reasons that they were not exactly dating. A few days into their halfway relationship, Tezuka had discovered that the tensai's sadistic side ran deeper than he would have guessed and that it carried over into the bedroom--while he didn't mind a little kink now and then, he DID mind being blackmailed into exhibitionism. Yet Fuji's twisted sexual side was not enough to drive him away, so they remained in limbo between friends-with-serious-benefits and boyfriends.

"I want to watch you," the tensai said in a predatory whisper—Tezuka could almost feel the lust in his eyes. "I want to watch you touch yourself and come thinking about me. I want to see what you do when I'm not around."

"If someone's still here-" Tezuka began sternly.

"In this room there's just the two of us," Fuji cut him off in a sultry tone, licking his lips expectantly. "And I would like to keep it that way. Touch yourself."

Tezuka didn't move.

"I think I saw Eiji outside. I'm sure he would love to know what you were doing with yourself in here." Fuji started to leave but stopped as Tezuka growled in surrender.

"You will be running laps for this," Tezuka promised, taking hold of himself again. As he circled his thumb around the oozing slit at the tip of his rigid cock, he cursed himself for being so careless and not waiting until he got home. It was possible that Fuji was lying when he said there was anyone else still at school, but he would be foolish to assume anything. He gasped as he pinched the tender tip gently, sending a painful shiver of ecstasy through his body. Wrapping his fingers around his straining length he thrust into his hand as the pleasure of his own touch overwhelmed the responsible part of his brain.

Fuji licked his lips as Tezuka pleasured himself with slow, purposeful strokes. He didn't bother to hide the hungry look in his eyes since Tezuka couldn't see him at this distance. As Tezuka rubbed his calloused hand against the hard pillar of flesh, his scowl gradually faded into lust. Fuji could feel his own erection straining against the rough towel around his waist as he watched his lover bite his lip to keep from crying out. Tezuka’s hand moved rhythmically over the soft skin of his cock. His breath started to come more quickly in short, shaky gasps as he pumped himself faster. Fuji kept his arms crossed, aching to touch himself as Tezuka reached between his legs to stroke his balls. He stood there, admiring how impossibly sexy his lover looked with the water streaming down his hard muscles, outlining every strong, defined contour of that perfect body. Tezuka's hands moved expertly over his own figure, lightly squeezing his balls and then sliding up his torso to play with a hard nipple. As Tezuka's strong fingers caressed his erection, Fuji groaned softly--Tezuka’s motions on his cock became jerky and more desperate and he began to hunch over as he neared his climax.

"Stop," Fuji commanded in a low, clear voice. He could watch Tezuka do this to himself all day, but if this went any further he was going to come without so much as looking at his own dick. Tezuka stopped, wincing as his cock continued to harden without the constant pressure of his hand to relieve the building tension.

"Syusuke," he whispered. His voice was as tight as his balls and if Fuji didn't come over there and do something about it, the tensai would be running laps until he passed out.

"I don’t want you to come too soon," Fuji said, relishing his lover's appeal. He had planned to let Tezuka finish, but having the austere buchou at his mercy was too much fun.

Tezuka shuddered, breathing heavily as he struggled to keep his hands away from his throbbing groin. Suddenly, he didn’t care that he was jacking off in the school locker room. He saw Fuji's blurred outline come towards him. The tensai finally came into focus as he pressed his body against Tezuka's, grasping his taller lover's chin and pulling him into a hungry kiss. Tezuka seized Fuji, gasping into the kiss as the rough, damp towel rubbed against his straining member. The warm friction against his excited skin sent a maddening shiver through him. He grabbed Fuji's firm ass and pulled the tensai's slender body closer, grinding into him with desperation. Fuji indulged him for a moment, thrusting his tongue into Tezuka's mouth the way he ached to thrust his cock into the buchou's tight ass. With this image in mind, he pulled Tezuka’s hands away and pressed a small bottle into them. The tensai pushed his lover away, taking a moment to appreciate the feel of the hard muscles of Tezuka’s chest. He pinched one of Tezuka’s nipples lightly and stepped back. Having given himself enough of an appetizer to sate his hunger until the main course and he now only had to sit back and watch.

Tezuka squinted at the bottle. "This is your job, Syusuke," he said shortly.

"If you say my name, you had better be moaning it, Kunimitsu," Fuji replied with a sharp smile. Tezuka stood there, glaring at the tensai. "Or I could go find Inui. I'm sure he would love to take a few notes on what you do alone in the shower."

Scowling, Tezuka took the bottle and squeezed some of the slick liquid onto his fingers. He turned around and bent over to put himself in a more comfortable position and placed a hand on the wall for support. If he put on a good show, maybe his lover would stop teasing him and end this quickly. Tezuka reached back and pressed a slick finger to his hole, stroking the outside of his entrance with slow circles the way Fuji liked to do. Fuji held back a groan as he watched Tezuka finger himself under the hot spray of the shower. It took every ounce of his will power to stay put as the buchou worked in a second finger. Fuji ached to make that stern face twist in ecstasy, to break down Tezuka's iron control until there was nothing left but raw passion. Tezuka spread his fingers in a demonstrative fashion, opening himself up for his lover. Fuji's eyes traced the curves of Tezuka's hard ass as the buchou thrust his fingers into himself, moaning softly. Tezuka removed his fingers to add more lube, briefly giving Fuji an unobstructed view. The tensai let out a soft groan as he stared with hungry desire at Tezuka's ass.

Tezuka thrust his slick fingers back into himself moaning as the muscle began to loosen. He could hear Fuji's ragged breathing as he teased himself wider. Hoping to beat the tensai at his own game just once, Tezuka whispered the tensai's name invitingly. Fuji had so far had a frightening amount of control in their sex life, even without resorting to blackmail, and Tezuka was desperate for a sign that he had even a slight influence over his lover. A gentle hand caressed the damp skin of his ass.

"That's enough." Fuji breathed, taking a hold of Tezuka's hand and guiding it away from his ass. Tezuka allowed himself a triumphant smile as Fuji took the bottle from him and squeezed some of the contents into his hand. He quickly coated his cock and leaned in, pressing the head to Tezuka's quivering entrance. Tezuka shuddered as the slick tip of Fuji's member glided over the already sensitive hole. Fuji leaned over to whisper in Tezuka's ear, reaching a hand around to gently stroke his throbbing length.

"Tell me what you want, Kunimitsu," Fuji said in a sultry whisper as his slender fingers teased his lover. Tezuka pressed his lips together. "Say it Kunimitsu," Fuji insisted. Tezuka moaned and rubbed against Fuji's teasing cock, but did not utter a word. They both wanted this--it was only a question of who would admit it first. Fuji crouched down between Tezuka's legs and sucked on his lover's tight balls. Tezuka moaned as Fuji drew his tongue back toward the stretched and waiting entrance. He tickled the quivering pucker lightly, making slow, teasing circles with the tip of his tongue. Tezuka shuddered, digging his fingers into the tile as Fuji's tongue lapped at the tender opening. Fuji really was a bastard sometimes.

"Inside," he gasped. "You, inside."

Fuji smirked. "Anything you want, Kunimitsu." He placed the tip of his throbbing cock at Tezuka's entrance and slowly began to push inside. Groaning as he made his way in, he gripped Tezuka's hips tightly. He could feel Tezuka trying to relax as he pushed back, taking Fuji in as far as he would go. Trembling with desire as he waited for Tezuka to get used to him, Fuji leaned in to caress the tense muscles of Tezuka's back with hungry kisses. Tezuka let out a soft groan, arching into the tensai's mouth as Fuji's lips tickled his wet skin. He pulled away and slid back, impaling himself on Fuji's stiff dick. Fuji moaned as he pushed in, closing the gap between them, biting the damp skin of Tezuka's good shoulder as he thrust slowly inside. He fucked Tezuka with calm, controlled strokes, resisting the overwhelming urge to pound into him until they both came. Tezuka was already on the edge and Fuji wanted this to last.

Tezuka's fingers curled against the tile as the friction from Fuji's hard shaft ignited the nerves inside of him, setting his body ablaze with each firm stroke. He wondered if Fuji was trying to drive him mad as the tensai ground his erection methodically into Tezuka's ass. Fuji could be patient, but the buchou had been about to come for almost a quarter of an hour and he'd had enough. Frustrated, he pulled away and slammed back down on Fuji's stiff erection, urging him to go faster. The tensai only tightened his grip on his hips, holding him steady while he slowly fucked him senseless.

"Syusuke," Tezuka groaned, half begging and half commanding the tensai to hurry.

"All you have to do is ask, Kunimitsu," Fuji purred, sliding a hand forward to lightly brush Tezuka's aching dick. Tezuka gasped as he tried to thrust into the elusive touch, but he shook his head, refusing to submit to Fuji any more than he already had. Fuji ceased his motions; if Tezuka wanted to turn this into a power struggle, he would lose.

"Ask me, Kunimitsu," he pressed. Tezuka bit his lip, panting as Fuji's fingers continued to dance over his hard dick too lightly to give him any relief. Fuji frowned and squeezed the weeping head of his lover's cock. "Ask!"

"Harder!" Tezuka barked, his pride forgotten as a painfully intense tremor of pleasure coursed through him. "Stop playing around and finish it or you'll be running laps!"

With a satisfied grin, Fuji drove his rigid length into Tezuka's ass. His fingers dug into Tezuka's hips as he increased his pace, thrusting in to the slick cavern with short, swift strokes. Tezuka arched his back as Fuji slammed into him just deep enough to avoid hitting his prostate and ending things with one blow. He clenched tightly around the tensai, drawing a soft moan from those eternally smiling lips. Fuji's eyes flew open as he shuddered in ecstasy. He gasped, his control slowly slipping away as he drew nearer to his climax.

"Kunimitsu!" he moaned, burying himself inside of his lover. Tezuka writhed in his grasp, shaking with need and unfulfilled desire.

"Deeper!" Tezuka growled, pushing back to force Fuji's erection further inside as instinct began to take over, driving him to reach his climax any way he could. Stars appeared in his vision as Fuji struck his prostate, sending him dangerously close to the edge. The tensai's rapid breathing roared in his ear as Fuji thrust into him frantically. Fuji grazed his prostate again and Tezuka was lost; he came hard, his entire body shaking with the force of his release. A distant voice crying out his name pierced through his endorphin clouded mind as Fuji came seconds later, spurting his hot seed into Tezuka's clenching ass.

Tezuka leaned heavily on his hands as Fuji sagged forward onto his back, both of them panting with exhaustion. The tensai covered Tezuka's back with languid kisses as they sank to the floor. Fuji wrapped him arms around Tezuka's waist; Tezuka frowned, reflecting on what had just transpired as his head began to clear in the wake of his orgasm. Fuji had gone too far this time. He entertained the idea of ending their relationship for about half a heartbeat but Fuji's hold over him was just too strong.

"Are Eiji and Inui really here or was that a lie?"

Tezuka felt the tensai shrug. "They might be. I didn't bother to check."

"Fuji," he said sternly in his most commanding captain voice. "If you ever do something like this again--" Fuji leaned in to nibble on his ear lobe. Tezuka gasped as the tensai's warm tongue traced the ridges of his ear.

"If I ever do this again what?"

Tezuka twisted around and pinned Fuji to the floor. "If you do this again, I'm going on top," he growled, as he stole the tensai's lips.

** The End **
Tags: fic, rated: nc-17, tezuka/fuji
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