April 10th, 2007

(FIC) Small World for The Community by Misterwalnut

For: their_white_day
By: misterwalnut
Title: Small World
Pairing: Power Trio (Tezuka/Fuji/Echizen)
Rating: R (PG-13 for most parts)
Summary: Fuji is attending the same university as Echizen, and Tezuka realizes it's a small world after all. Post-Seigaku.
Warnings: A dreadful mix of humour, mild angst, unrequited sexual tension, and minor OCs.
Disclaimer: It really isn’t mine.
A/N: All the emails are between Fuji (Syuusuke) and Yuuta, and the fic is mostly written in Tezuka’s Perspective, although POV changes are more frequent near the end.

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