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This is the Master Post, revealing the authors and artists for this exchange. I am so happy to finally be able to do this. Thanks so much for all your contributions. I appreciate all the hard work from the participants and the friends that have helped me along the way.

Sadly, very few of you have guessed right. ;) However, perhaps you can discover writers and artists that you didn't know you were missing.

If there's any edits you'd like me to make to your posts, drop me a comment here. Feel free to post your work wherever you so choose. If I made a mistake, poke me and I'll fix it.

I hope to see you all back for christmas_cacti in the fall!

Without further ado, the list!


shin_e drew Cherry Blossoms for evaporate

don_amoeba drew Coffee for chrysa

cosmiko_ling drew and wrote Snowflakes Around Me for don_amoeba

ulqui drew My Words Just Break And Melt for whisper132

gray_queen drew Until Tomorrow for chaos_harmony

mika_cha drew Mutually Kept Promise for tyrant_soul

trancekuja drew Untitled for evaporate


yuki_scorpio wrote Gift for sesame_seed

misanagi wrote About Tennis for buffyvh

serenityrages wrote The Way Things Are for trixie_chick

happiestwhen wrote Keeping Score for mirimea

ellipsesbandit wrote Crossing the Desert for asael

trixie_chick wrote Hobbyist for shin_e

chrysa wrote footnotes. for nana_chibi

chatona wrote Mundi Universitas for yuki_scorpio

evaporate wrote Song to the Sky for happiestwhen

whisper132 wrote Orange Crush for darth_claire

ashesto wrote Never Ending Story for turtly_one

aconite wrote J'ai vu le soleil et il m'a chauffé for inner_demons_

shiroibara wrote Game of the Century for mari_yagami

asael wrote Empty Places for cosmiko_ling

darth_claire wrote Hot Water for ruji

mirimea wrote Six (moments of) Yen for misanagi

nana_chibi wrote His White Day for eliza_natsuko

cosmiko_ling drew and wrote Snowflakes Around Me for don_amoeba

zen_yamatori wrote Misunderstanding for chatona

ayalesca wrote The Rain in Kyoto for animegoil

kishmet wrote Equilateral for misterwalnut

chaos_harmony wrote Kingdom By The Sea for shiroibara

aoi_aka wrote Buttons for ataraxistence

animegoil wrote Forgetful for ele5

maeran wrote Quotidien for ayalesca

sesame_seed wrote Heartless for aconite

kat8cha wrote Table Legs for eliminate

ruji wrote New Album for stillskies

ouimonsieur wrote Menuet in G Major for serenityrages

fairiesgonenuts wrote Heart for ouimonsieur

buffyvh wrote Blue for zen_yamatori

aggy wrote These Inglorious Days for maeran

mari_yagami wrote Autumn Fireworks for richestgrave

eliza_natsuko wrote Folktale for mika_cha

turtly_one wrote Cognitive Dissonance for ulqui

eliminate wrote (fifteen) for trancekuja

stillskies wrote Portrait of a Soul for trinityblack

ataraxistence wrote Zero-Sum Game for kat8cha

trinityblack wrote Apologies for fairiesgonenuts

arithion wrote Scuba Diving for aoi_aka

tyrant_soul wrote Waves for aggy

inner_demons_ wrote Compare and Contrast for ellipsesbandit

emothy wrote You Are Not A Unique Snowflake for arithion

richestgrave wrote Flying, Falling, Landing for groundwave

nozomi_chan wrote The Final Shot for emothy

evaporate wrote Windfall for nozomi_chan

ele5 wrote Bitter for ashesto

misterwalnut wrote Small World for their_white_day

reddwarfer wrote A Good Death for kishmet

groundwave wrote Perfect Circle for gray_queen
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