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This is the Master Post, revealing the authors and artists for this exchange. I am so happy to finally be able to do this. Thanks so much for all your contributions. I appreciate all the hard work from the participants and the friends that have helped me along the way.

Sadly, very few of you have guessed right. ;) However, perhaps you can discover writers and artists that you didn't know you were missing.

If there's any edits you'd like me to make to your posts, drop me a comment here. Feel free to post your work wherever you so choose. If I made a mistake, poke me and I'll fix it.

I hope to see you all back for christmas_cacti in the fall!

Without further ado, the list!

The Master ListCollapse )
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Masterlist! Now that I've finally got my computer back, I have got to go read and comment on everything.

Thank you so much reddwarfer! I couldn't possibly have adored my fic more. (And of course, thank you for modding the exchange! It was absolutely wonderful. ♥!)
reddwarfer, thank you for hosting this and all the blood and sweat that went into making this possible.

fairiesgonenuts, thank you so much for my ficlet! I enjoyed it a lot and it made me happy. ♥♥♥
same here. it's been an honour to write sth that suited to your liking. ^^
one last time, though. do you still want the three-chaptered version of this?
...i might sound stupid asking this but, are you and nhaca_writes the same person? o0;
This was an awesome event! I waited every day with bated breath for the posts. Every single entry was amazing. Some made me cry and others made me laugh but all left me wanting more. Congratulations to everybody for a job well done. I really can't wait for christmas_cacti to get started. ^_^

arithion, the fic you wrote me was exactly what I wanted! You're a great writer and I hope you continue to share with us your talent. Thank you!
Yay! Thanks for hosting such an awesome event, reddwarfer. ♥ Everything was absolutely amazing.

ruji: YOU ROCK! Thank you so much for my fic! It was absolutely amazing. ^_^ ♥♥♥

now to go back and catch up on the commenting...
Oh God. I really need to catch up with reading the fics ;__;

But! First of all, thank you so much trixie_chick!! I really love the fic! ♥ Also, thank you evaporate for liking my gift! (I was so nervous about it ^^;) And last but not least, thank you reddwarfer!! Without you, we wouldn't be able to read/view all of these wonderful fics and arts! *__*

.......*scutters off to finish assignments* T___T;
Thank you misanagi And thank you reddwarfer

The exchange was amazing!
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