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This is the Master Post, revealing the authors and artists for this exchange. I am so happy to finally be able to do this. Thanks so much for all your contributions. I appreciate all the hard work from the participants and the friends that have helped me along the way.

Sadly, very few of you have guessed right. ;) However, perhaps you can discover writers and artists that you didn't know you were missing.

If there's any edits you'd like me to make to your posts, drop me a comment here. Feel free to post your work wherever you so choose. If I made a mistake, poke me and I'll fix it.

I hope to see you all back for christmas_cacti in the fall!

Without further ado, the list!


shin_e drew Cherry Blossoms for evaporate

don_amoeba drew Coffee for chrysa

cosmiko_ling drew and wrote Snowflakes Around Me for don_amoeba

ulqui drew My Words Just Break And Melt for whisper132

gray_queen drew Until Tomorrow for chaos_harmony

mika_cha drew Mutually Kept Promise for tyrant_soul

trancekuja drew Untitled for evaporate


yuki_scorpio wrote Gift for sesame_seed

misanagi wrote About Tennis for buffyvh

serenityrages wrote The Way Things Are for trixie_chick

happiestwhen wrote Keeping Score for mirimea

ellipsesbandit wrote Crossing the Desert for asael

trixie_chick wrote Hobbyist for shin_e

chrysa wrote footnotes. for nana_chibi

chatona wrote Mundi Universitas for yuki_scorpio

evaporate wrote Song to the Sky for happiestwhen

whisper132 wrote Orange Crush for darth_claire

ashesto wrote Never Ending Story for turtly_one

aconite wrote J'ai vu le soleil et il m'a chauffé for inner_demons_

shiroibara wrote Game of the Century for mari_yagami

asael wrote Empty Places for cosmiko_ling

darth_claire wrote Hot Water for ruji

mirimea wrote Six (moments of) Yen for misanagi

nana_chibi wrote His White Day for eliza_natsuko

cosmiko_ling drew and wrote Snowflakes Around Me for don_amoeba

zen_yamatori wrote Misunderstanding for chatona

ayalesca wrote The Rain in Kyoto for animegoil

kishmet wrote Equilateral for misterwalnut

chaos_harmony wrote Kingdom By The Sea for shiroibara

aoi_aka wrote Buttons for ataraxistence

animegoil wrote Forgetful for ele5

maeran wrote Quotidien for ayalesca

sesame_seed wrote Heartless for aconite

kat8cha wrote Table Legs for eliminate

ruji wrote New Album for stillskies

ouimonsieur wrote Menuet in G Major for serenityrages

fairiesgonenuts wrote Heart for ouimonsieur

buffyvh wrote Blue for zen_yamatori

aggy wrote These Inglorious Days for maeran

mari_yagami wrote Autumn Fireworks for richestgrave

eliza_natsuko wrote Folktale for mika_cha

turtly_one wrote Cognitive Dissonance for ulqui

eliminate wrote (fifteen) for trancekuja

stillskies wrote Portrait of a Soul for trinityblack

ataraxistence wrote Zero-Sum Game for kat8cha

trinityblack wrote Apologies for fairiesgonenuts

arithion wrote Scuba Diving for aoi_aka

tyrant_soul wrote Waves for aggy

inner_demons_ wrote Compare and Contrast for ellipsesbandit

emothy wrote You Are Not A Unique Snowflake for arithion

richestgrave wrote Flying, Falling, Landing for groundwave

nozomi_chan wrote The Final Shot for emothy

evaporate wrote Windfall for nozomi_chan

ele5 wrote Bitter for ashesto

misterwalnut wrote Small World for their_white_day

reddwarfer wrote A Good Death for kishmet

groundwave wrote Perfect Circle for gray_queen
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XD yay, now I can sleep. Could you please add my beta's name back into the author notes? lady_of_water Thanks.


12 years ago

*was waiting to C/P this!*

!! I didn't see some of these coming, to be honest. :X

Seriously, though, awesome job, everyone. Not just Leila (though of course, you deserve lots and lots of cookies and things, but I believe we have been through this-- and if not, well, there's something in the mail), but... all of you. This is going to sound rather strange, seeing most of you don't have a clue who the heck I am, but who cares!

Thank you. Thank you for giving this event a chance, for proving me and my eternal pessimism wrong on multiple counts, and thank you for just -- keeping my faith and hope and GOODWILL in this fandom alive for this past month while school steadily scraped tendrils of my soul away from the only pairing I've ever really called my OTP.

Additionally: shin_e and trancekuja, I've said it once already, but I'll say it again: you two are utterly fabulous. Thank you!

And I'd just like it on the court record that I am not high on anything right now, and that I LOVE YOU ALL. Okay, I'm done!
I should be building you a shrine. Seriously. I bow before you and your endless support and help and if I continue, it'll sound like some inane circle jerk, so I'll stop. *hugs*
Hahaha, with the exception of shin_e, I was COMPLETELY WRONG. No surprise, but. xDDD *amused*
It's always fun to guess and be surprised!


12 years ago


12 years ago

Deleted comment

*dances with you* I feel accomplished and tired.
Dearest cosmiko_ling,

I guessed it was you, even though I hardly know you, because I painstakingly ran through the sign up post looking for all artists and stalked their journals to find one who could've been my secret admirer. XD Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dearest trixie_chick,

Your fic is the only one I guess right, and even that took two tries. XD

Dearest reddwarfer and evaporate

Thank you for everything. :D
You are so welcome~


12 years ago


12 years ago


12 years ago


12 years ago


12 years ago


12 years ago


12 years ago

1) YAY MASTERLIST (even though I don't know more than half of those listed here, lol...) ^_^.

2) Mod-san, I want to say thank you once again for this event. Thank you for the hard work you put into this and for organizing this and for everything. This past month has been awesome ^_^.


4) Everyone else: ♥♥♥
You are most welcome. I'm happy that you decided to join.
nana_chibi wrote for me? T_T this is a bless nyaa!!!
THANKS SO MUCH chibi-kun! and THANKS A MIL to leila for organizing this! *bows*
You are welcome. I'm happy you enjoyed it.
I got a few guesses right! *is pleased with self*
Thanks for organising this! I loved reading all the Tezuka/Fuji works out there and it satisfied my cravings! ^_^
Nice finding out the creators behind some of the wonderful pieces that I've seen here~!

Also, once again, THANK YOU asael!
You are very very welcome! I had a good time writing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^_^


12 years ago

*grins* What are the chances of getting ALL my guesses wrong? XD

^_^;;; Seriously. Well, at least now I know. XD
I have yet to read and comment on a good lot of the things posted here, but it makes me very happy to know that there'll be new TezuFuji loveliness waiting for me to appreciate on the (recently) very rare occasion that I'm free from RL responsibilities. ♥ Thank you so much reddwarfer & co. and the other participants, and thank you again to the wonderful mari_yagami for my most precious story. You've all been so very awesome. :D
I feel like opening the gift on Christmas morning...>_<

XD~ Master list - my guesses were almost all wrong, but it was fun still.

highonwasabi & the others that have been working hard for this feast, thanks so much for making this happen. I really appreciate all your help and your attention to each individual participants and their works, as well as how you dedicate yourself to this feast. Also, thanks to all participants that created those wonderful works and sharing them with us.

And again, chrysa thank you very much for your white day gift story, it's a pure bless for me and I love it very much!!
Much love to our lovely moderators for bringing this to us and contributing to the ZukaFuji fandom. *showers with hearts* And a HUGE thank you for aoi_aka for the wonderful gift! *love*
I'm glad you liked it! Of all the ZukaFuji I've written, I hold "Buttons" the closest to my heart. *love*
Wow, my guesses were off by far.

Thanks for this wonderful event! <33
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