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(FIC) Compare and Contrast for Ellipses Bandit by Inner_Demons_

For: ellipsesbandit
By: inner_demons_
Title: Compare and Contrast
Pairing: Tezuka/Fuji
Rating: PG
Summary: Fuji coaxes Tezuka into a revised version of 'would you rather.'
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis = Not mine.
A/N: I did my best. Humor/fluff is far out of my element. Enjoy :D

Glancing down at his watch, Fuji continued to drag his feet as he trudged down the sidewalk. It was Friday afternoon, and Yuuta would be home in two and a half hours.

Fuji sighed. That’s one hundred fifty minutes to kill doing nothing but wandering around the streets of Tokyo, hoping for something that might spark his attention.

Looking up, Fuji found the just the thing to relieve his tedium.

Through the window of a nearby café, Fuji could see Tezuka sitting alone in a booth, drinking tea, and periodically checking at his watch, as if he were waiting impatiently for something to occur.

A bell went off as Fuji pushed open the door to the small café. The soft drone of voices could be heard, layered by the smell of coffee and hazelnut.

Walking slowly, the tensai made his was over to Tezuka. Sliding into the booth across from his captain, Fuji smiled. "Fancy seeing you here, Tezuka."

Tezuka looked up quickly. "Fuji," he acknowledged finally.

Fuji laughed, how very odd of Tezuka to be caught daydreaming. "What brings you here on such a nice afternoon, buchou?"

"I’m meeting someone," he said, glancing almost anxiously out the window.

"Ohh? Whom might you be waiting for?"

"Yukimura," Tezuka said, unaware of the way Fuji’s hands clenched a little bit tighter.

Their heavy silence was broken by the arrival of a waitress, asking Fuji if he’d like anything to drink.

"Just tea, thank you. No sugar." The waitress accepted Fuji's order with a smile, and bustled off to fill his order.

"It’s a captains’ meeting," Tezuka said finally.


"Yukimura requested that Rikkai have a practice match with Seigaku this weekend, so we’re setting schedules."

"I see. What time were you two supposed to meet?"

"In about fifteen minutes."

Fuji laughed softly, ignoring the annoyed look the other boy was giving him. "From the way you kept looking out the window, I was expecting him to be late."

Tezuka's response was cut off by the arrival of their waitress.

"Here you go, sir," she said, placing Fuji’s cup in front of him.

Fuji smiled and thanked her, earning a blush. He watched, amused, as she turned away to whisper to her co-workers.

Taking a sip of his tea, Fuji looked up at the other boy. "The tea here is quite good," he stated in a futile attempt to start conversation.

"It is," Tezuka said at length, neglecting to look anywhere but out the window.

Sighing, Fuji tapped his fingers absentmindedly against the side of his cup, thinking of ways he could possibly draw his captain into actually talking.

"Hey, Tezuka, can I ask you a question?"

Nodding, Tezuka raised his teacup to his lips.

"If you had to pick one, whom would you rather go out on a date with, Echizen or Atobe?"

Choking, Tezuka slammed his teacup down on the table, holding a napkin to his mouth. "Fuji," he hissed glancing quickly around the small café, "stop that, we’re in public."

"Stop what? Oh come on, Tezuka, just answer the question."

"Fuji…we’re…they’re…both guys…and."

Fuji’s smile widened as he watched Tezuka attempt to put his reasoning into logical sentence format. "Oh, come on. You know as well as I do that I’m only playing around. Just answer it, please."

Looking down Tezuka suddenly became very interested in the contents of his half-empty teacup. The tips of his ears were turning slightly red.

"A-Atobe," he finally managed.

Fuji’s eyes opened in genuine surprise. "Really?"

"Well, yeah." Tezuka shifted slightly in his seat, looking uncomfortable. "Echizen is a freshman. Plus, I know Atobe better; it wouldn’t be quite as awkward."

"All right. How about-"


Fuji blinked as Tezuka cut him off. "I’m not going to be the only one answering such…such stupid questions. It’s my turn to ask you one."

Chuckling softly, Fuji nodded. "Go ahead."

Tezuka was silent for a moment, his eyes boring holes into the table. "Echizen or Atobe?"

"Tezuka, you can do better than that. Be creative!"

Sighing, the buchou shrugged. "Fine. Saeki-kun or Kikumaru?"

"Saeki." Fuji answered immediately, "Eiji’s cute, but I have known Saeki for years. We'd have more fun. All right, my turn?"

Tezuka didn’t agree, but he didn’t tell him to stop either, and Fuji couldn’t be happier.

"Saa, who would buchou go out with?" Fuji couldn't manage to hold back a smile as Tezuka's eye twitched slightly. "Ah, I know. Momo or Kaidoh?"

"What?" The questions before had been reasonable enough. Atobe and Echizen could be considered friends, but Momoshiro and Kaidoh?

Fuji took a sip of his tea. "You heard me."

The red at the tips of his ears was slowly spreading and making its way over Tezuka’s face. "…Kaidoh."

Fuji couldn’t help it; he burst out laughing, earning a glare from the red-faced captain.

"Fine," Tezuka growled, "Kabaji or Kamio?"

"Ah, we’re getting good at this. Kabaji."

Tezuka was surprised, but then again, it was Fuji.

"Shinji or Itsuki?" Tezuka nearly winced at that one. Both boys had quite the mouth and would cause migraines nearly as quickly as Fuji could. But questions were better than constant mumbling.

"Itsuki." He answered finally. "Oshitari or Marui?"

"Saa…Oshitari. He’s much prettier, and I have always had a thing for guys with glasses." The sides of Tezuka’s mouth twitched.

"All right," Fuji grinned, "Tachibana Kippei or Tachibana An?"

Tezuka froze. "Fuji," he warned.

"Remember Tezuka, it’s just a game."

"Tachibana Kippei," he said finally, trying to convince himself that it wasn’t the look of shock on Fuji’s face that made him feel so oddly victorious.

"Is it my turn now?" The red from Tezuka's face was slowly disappearing.

"Ah, it is." Fuji’s smile was back in place, seeming just a little bit happier than before.

"Kirihara-kun or Mizuki."

Before Fuji could answer Tezuka's question, he was interrupted by a soft cough. Yukimura stood in front of their table, wearing a smile wide enough to match Fuji's own.

"And just what would you two happen to be speaking about that would involve our Akaya-kun?"

"Yukimura, it’s nice to see you again," Fuji said, recovering quickly.

Tezuka nodded in acknowledgment, trying hard not to look as guilty as he felt.

Getting up, Fuji smiled kindly at the Rikkai captain. "I was just leaving. Good luck in the tournament. I look forward to seeing you at practice."

Yukimura nodded, looking amused. "Same to you, Fuji-kun."

Grabbing his coat, Fuji turned to leave. And as he walked by, whispered into his captain's ear, "Neither. I’d take Tezuka."
Tags: fic, rated: pg, tezuka/fuji
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