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(FIC) Scuba Diving for Aoi Aka by Your Secret Admirer

For: aoi_aka
By: arithion
Title: Scuba Diving
Pairing: Tezuka/Fuji
Rating: PG-13
Summary: No matter what you plan for your holidays, something will always surprise you.
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I neither own nor profit from the Prince of Tennis.

“Holiday?” Fuji cocked his head to one side, squinting more than usual before shading his eyes with a hand. Whoever designed the window in the clubhouse had a penchant for torture.

Tezuka coughed and paused, tantamount to a heavy sigh in anyone else. “Yes. Apparently my parents mentioned it once several weeks ago. We’ll be gone for the entire break.”

If Fuji hadn’t known better, he’d have thought Tezuka was apologizing. Only, Tezuka rarely apologized for anything, and even more so not in a place where someone other than Fuji might hear him. Maybe the next time he actually did, they’d declare it a national holiday. The thought made him smile. “Hmm, the entire break?”

“Most of it.” Tezuka’s eyes darted to the shower room doors with a slight irritation only Fuji would probably have noticed. Eiji’s hyperactive voice echoed from within, and for a moment Fuji almost resented his friend’s natural exuberance for life.

Moving slightly closer to Tezuka, Fuji brushed his arm against Tezuka’s chest as he spoke barely loud enough to be heard. “Shame, really.” Both of them knew it had nothing to do with the holiday. If Fuji hadn’t known better, he’d have thought Tezuka’s soft, deep breath replaced a blush. That, of course, was ludicrous. Tezuka never blushed.

He shrugged and allowed his fingers to ghost up Tezuka’s chest and along his shoulder, lingering just long enough to be felt before breaking the brief contact entirely. With an almost imperceptible sigh, Fuji whispered. “Guess I’ll see you soon then.”

“Yes, I’ll see you in a few weeks then,” Tezuka voice sounded slightly strained and he nodded briefly, once more almost indicating an apology, and turned to leave, his stride as purposeful as usual.

“Enjoy your holiday, Tezuka,” Fuji called after him. Receiving the expected lack of response, he simply watched him go, or, more specifically, watched Tezuka’s butt. Tennis shorts were rather flattering on Tezuka. They swung back and forth in just the right way, displaying perfectly toned cheeks shaped by the cloth for just a split second each. He grinned even wider than normal and turned to go his own way, whistling as he walked, quite satisfied with the day he’d managed to talk Tezuka into wearing boxers versus briefs. It was a significant improvement in eye-candy.

The weather was warming up, which really wasn’t fair. Not that they’d planned anything definite, but Tezuka’s family holiday had put a slight kink in the works. Although, Fuji wasn’t one to let something that insignificant ruin any part of his own enjoyment. Always look on the upside was his motto, and if there wasn’t one, then he’d make one.

Arriving home, he pushed through the front door to find Yumiko lugging a suitcase down the stairs. “You’re packed already?” he asked, smiling in mild disbelief as he kicked off his street shoes.

“Yep!” She grinned back at him. “Well,” she amended, “the first suitcase anyway!”

Fuji chuckled and headed up the stairs himself, passing Yuuta on the way. He stopped at the door, mildly surprised that his brother was tearing his rarely visited room apart. He’d been under the impression his younger brother wasn’t coming.

“Changed your mind then, Yuuta?”

Yuuta spared him a momentary glare before diving back into the mound of clothes he was sorting through. “Nothing to change. Anyone in their right mind would choose sun and beach over staying here.” There was a momentary pause before the habitual barb. “I’m surprised you’re going.”

“True, true,” Fuji chuckled as he continued on the way to his room, with Yuuta mumbling something about weird and brother in the same sentence. As much as bantering with his brother was fun, Fuji hadn’t started packing yet. Although he knew it wouldn’t take long, it would mean he could spend more time making sure he’d prepared his cacti for the impromptu absence from the family home.


The beach was beautiful, picturesque even. Sand so white, Tezuka began to wonder if it was manufactured, and a sky so blue with water to offset it so perfectly the setting actually looked painted. As family holidays went, it was fairly standard. He got dragged away from his beloved tennis courts and dumped in blindingly white sand, left to fend for himself on beaches full of people intent on getting skin cancer while his parents and grandparents disappeared for the duration.

There were so many things he’d had planned for the break. Working on his game was one of them, working on relaxing…

Tezuka sighed and leaned back in his beach-chair. He scanned the beach, idly watching the people frying out in the midday sun. Chiba really was beautiful. Maybe he’d have taken up swimming instead of tennis if he’d lived in that province. But he couldn’t even fathom loving something other than tennis. Without tennis, his life would be so much less. Without tennis, he’d be more alone than he was willing to admit. The thought made him shiver.

“Cold? In this heat,” a smooth voice whispered at his shoulder. It took most of Tezuka’s self control not to jump at the proximity. Well, most of his self-control and recognition.

“Fuji?” He asked despite knowing the answer.

“Fancy meeting you here,” Fuji murmured as he moved to squat next to Tezuka’s chair.

“I was about to say the same thing,” Tezuka muttered dryly, suppressing the quirk of his mouth threatening to make him smile.

For a while they just shared the relative silence. The ocean had a way of making a lovely backdrop of noise. After a while, Tezuka spoke up. “I thought you said you’d see me in a few weeks.”

“No,” Fuji smiled as he watched the waves. “No, that was you.” But he offered nothing more.

“Did you come alone?”


Slightly frustrated with Fuji’s lack of response, Tezuka pushed a little further. “Well, whom did you come with?”

“My family.” Fuji finally tore his eyes away from the water and stood up, stretching. “That reminds me. I told our parents I’d go find you.”

“Our parents?” Tezuka asked, slightly surprised.

“Yes. We’re all staying at the same hotel! Amazing, isn’t it?”

“Amazing,” Tezuka echoed dryly, a slight suspicion emerging in his mind.

“I’ll be sharing your twin room,” Fuji said nonchalantly as he stretched a little more.

“Sharing my room?” Tezuka managed to splutter.


“How did you…”

“I told them we’d want to go scuba diving in the mornings. It’d be easier for us to get there on time if we roomed together.”

“Scuba Diving?”


“We’re Scuba Diving?” Tezuka asked carefully.

“Well,” Fuji grinned, squatting down so he could speak softer. “I believe my exact words were: We’re going to see if increasing lung capacity can help our endurance on the tennis court.”

“Increasing lung capacity…”

“Yes.” Fuji shrugged. “They simply assumed we’d be scuba diving.”

“Ahh, I see.”

“And technically, I’m sure our lung capacity will increase, so we’re not lying.”

“We’re not?” Tezuka raised an eyebrow.

Fuji shrugged again, and leaned just a little closer. “Well, I don’t know what you were thinking, but I wasn’t planning on letting you come up for air much.

And Tezuka blushed.

Tags: fic, rated: pg-13, tezuka/fuji
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