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(FIC) New Album for Doumeki by Your Secret Admirer

For: stillskies
By: ruji
Title: New Album
Pairing: Tezuka/Fuji
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Tezuka gets a new camera. Fuji has a new album to fill.
Warnings: none.
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine.
A/N: I really did try to write angst… but life has been good to me recently and I couldn't summon the angst molecules. I'm sorry if they're behaving OOC...

New Album

"So… I just press this button?" Tezuka asked, staring at the small screen on the digital camera to make sure Fuji's face was in the centre of the frame.

"Mm… just press it when you're done adjusting the focus."

Revealing cerulean orbs, Fuji smiled for the camera with a light tilt of his head just as Tezuka pressed the shutter. Crossing the room, Fuji sat down beside Tezuka and leaned over to show Tezuka which button to press to view the shot taken.

"Is that all I have to know?"

"Saa… those are the basic functions. This camera has many other settings you can use.
It's all written in the instruction manual, you can read it on the plane or when you're free."

Tezuka nodded, and placed the camera on his desk. He picked up his checklist to see what other things he needed to pack, and noticed that Fuji had scribbled his own name at the bottom of the list. Shaking his head lightly, he turned to glance at Fuji, only to see that the other youth had lain down on his bed with a hand over his eyes.

"Are you all right, Fuji?"

"Ne… do you really have to leave?"

Tezuka's eyes widened slightly. He broke the news that he was going to London, more than half a year ago, to improve his tennis and further his studies. Fuji had been the first one to know about his decision, and all along he hadn't said anything about it. Though he didn't make it clear that he was in agreement with Tezuka's decision, he didn't say anything to disagree with it either. And for the past few months he had been helping Tezuka with the preparations with no question at all. But now, just a week before Tezuka's departure…

"… hn."

A smile.

A soft chuckle.

Fuji lifted his hand away from his eyes, blue eyes staring up at Tezuka, that lone tear that threatened to fall was blinked away.

"Don't worry about it. I just felt like asking. I know."

Tezuka sat down beside Fuji, his hand moving to stroke the soft honey-brown strands as he fixed his gaze on the other, memorizing every contour of his fair face. Fuji reached his hand up to pull Tezuka down for a kiss.

Scooting lower, Tezuka wrapped an arm around Fuji as he leaned in and deepened the kiss, his tongue gently teasing Fuji's lips apart. Their tongues were soon mating in an unhurried frenzy, desperate for more, yet eager to prolong their rendezvous. Tezuka had moved his body atop Fuji's in the process, long fingers creeping underneath the knitted sweater to caress warm, smooth skin. Fuji let out a muffled moan as those long fingers circled and teased his nipple, his own fingers gripping on to Tezuka's shirt, pulling it higher up the taller youth's back.

Reluctantly pulling apart, their shirts were left forgotten on the floor. Tezuka latched his lips on to Fuji's neck, licking and nibbling at that one sensitive spot just under Fuji's earlobe. Fuji gasped, his fingers tangling among dark chestnut hair. He could feel the captain's bulge pressing against his own, and he moved his hips, a desperate moan rumbling at the back of his throat as the friction left him wanting more. Tezuka hovered over Fuji, hazel eyes gazing deep into azure ones, staring at the slightly flushed face and kiss-swollen lips.

Pushing himself off the bed, Tezuka quickly retrieved his new camera from the desk, and took out the bottle of lube in his drawer.

"Just one…"

"You're so unfair, Tezuka… you never let me take pictures of you in bed."

"… I'll make the exception just once then."

Tezuka climbed on to the bed and hovered over Fuji again, his camera and the lube sitting at the corner of the bed. His hands moved to push Fuji's pants and boxers off slender hips, the clothing joining their shirts on the floor. Just when he was about to go down on Fuji, the latter stopped him, pulling him up and cupping his cheek.

"I want to look at your face…"

Nodding slightly, Tezuka then leaned down to kiss Fuji all over again. This time, his fingers wrapped around the tensai's erection instead, stroking it slowly. Fuji closed his eyes for a moment, a soft moan escaping his lips. Stopping for a moment, Tezuka slicked his fingers with lubrication, then slowly pushed two fingers into Fuji.

"Is this better…?"

"Mmn… yes… faster. I want you inside…"

A few minutes and two more fingers inside left Fuji on the verge of begging as Tezuka repeatedly assaulted his nipples with teeth and tongue. Pulling away slightly to prepare himself, Tezuka watched Fuji with an intense gaze, spending extra effort to memorize the myriad of mesmerizing expressions that passed Fuji's face as he stroked himself while waiting for Tezuka to get ready. Reaching for the camera, Tezuka stole a shot. Cerulean eyes snapped open upon hearing the shutter, as quiet as it might have been.


"I apologize."

"Hn~ I don't care for that. Make up for it."

Fuji said with a grin, licking his lips ever so slightly. Getting the message, Tezuka promptly put the camera away and moved his hands to lift Fuji's hips. As soon as he had penetrated the tight ring of muscles, Fuji pulled him in for a kiss, rocking his hips at his own pace and taking Tezuka in up to the hilt. Soft moans passed Fuji's lips as he adjusted to being filled up. Looking up at Tezuka with half-lidded eyes, Fuji then took in a deep breath as Tezuka pulled out halfway and thrust back in.

Making sure that Fuji was fine, Tezuka then repeated his movements, slowly at first, before acquiring a pace. Keeping his gaze fixed on Tezuka, Fuji couldn't help but moan in ecstasy as Tezuka's hard length brushed against his sweet spot again and again. Fuji closed his eyes tightly as he moaned and panted for breath, tilting his head to bite on his finger. Tezuka slowed down, leaning down to caress Fuji's face.

"What's wrong? Did I hurt you, Fuji?"

"No… nothing. I want all of you, Tezuka… give me everything you have. Don't stop…"

Fuji wrapped his arm around Tezuka, his fingers digging into Tezuka's shoulders as the taller youth started to thrust again. Tezuka closed his eyes, holding Fuji close and hearing the soft ragged breaths and moans echo in his ear. At some point it sounded like Fuji was sobbing, but he didn't stop… Fuji told him not to. Thrusting at an almost frantic speed, Tezuka put a hand between their bodies and gripped on to Fuji's manhood, stroking it clumsily while trying to keep his balance. Fuji's back arched, his body writhing under Tezuka's as he came with a loud cry of Tezuka's name, his short nails leaving marks on Tezuka's skin. Burying himself deep in Fuji's heat, Tezuka too, released his load with a deep groan.

Disengaging himself, Tezuka wrapped his arms around Fuji's slender frame, kissing him tenderly. Tezuka then leaned back against the wall, and cradled Fuji against his chest, not saying a word.

"I'm… starting to miss you already."

"You're so silly sometimes… I'll only be gone for three years. I'm not staying there forever."

"I don't know why I'm behaving like that either. It feels strange."

"I'll be back, I promise. My mother wants me home for New Year, so I'll be back for a week or so then."

Pressing a kiss to Fuji's forehead, Tezuka then stood up and walked to the opposite end of his room, his camera in his hand.

"One more, please?"

"You're so lecherous, Tezuka."

A faint blush rose in Tezuka's cheek as he stuttered a word of disagreement. Making sure the settings of the camera were correct, he then looked at the small screen adjusted the zoom to capture Fuji's whole body within the frame. His blush deepened slightly as Fuji straightened his body across the bed, not the least bit bashful in front of the camera.

"Fuji… cover yourself a bit will you?"

"Saa… what kind of image do you want anyway? Want a picture of your come leaking out of me?" the honey-haired youth asked with a grin, shifting his position so that his body was back facing the camera. Tezuka's eyes widened, his blush spreading to his ears. Fuji chuckled, spreading his legs shamelessly. The captain almost choked when he tried to speak.

"Fuji! J-just… lie down on your stomach and look at the camera."

"Ordering me around… you're starting to get the hang of photography ne?" Fuji teased, shifting to position himself as Tezuka had requested. Quickly capturing the shot, Tezuka then returned to the bed sporting signs of an arousal. Straddling his lover's thighs, Fuji smiled meaningfully and leaned closer to whisper in Tezuka's ear.

"Ne Buchou… want me to take care of that?"

The day Tezuka left for London, Fuji didn't turn up at the airport. Not a single phone call either. All there was, was an envelope for Tezuka which he had troubled Kikumaru with. Opening the envelope, Tezuka only found a photograph of the window in Fuji's room, with two simple lines written on the back of it.

I'll be waiting. I miss you already.

Three weeks after Tezuka left, Fuji received a similar envelope in his mailbox. A photograph was all that it contained. A photograph of a window looking out towards a forest of trees.

Wish you were here.

Fuji smiled, and took out a new album from his shelf, placing the photograph neatly in the first slot.

Tags: fic, rated: nc-17, tezuka/fuji
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